At Novartis Oncology we are passionate about the positive impact we have on patients’ lives and our ambition is to address some of society’s most challenging healthcare issues.

We are committed to working in partnership with our NHS colleagues to promote equitable access to care for patients and have completed over 40 Joint Working Projects(1) across the UK to understand and successfully address the demands of oncology service provision. Our aim is to work collaboratively both regionally and nationally within the NHS to share our experience in innovation in healthcare, policy, service operations and funding arrangements, working collaboratively to identify areas of common ground to improve patient access and care. Whether helping to understand the increasing pressure on cancer services or helping teams develop the most efficient use of resources in a specific pathway, our pathway development skills have embraced opportunities in data and digital, as well as offering our knowledge on healthcare innovation, to co-create optimal services.

We aim to pioneer ways to improve and objectively measure care and outcomes across areas of mutual interest and work in partnership with NHS teams to achieve their service goals.

We are Novartis, and we are reimagining medicine to transform cancer.

February 2021