Chris Kalinka

Society and College of Radiographers

Chris Kalinka is President of the Society and College of Radiographers. He describes himself as a radiographer to his core and being a radiographer is one of his proudest achievements. He has been a diagnostic radiographer for 35 years and has worked in most modalities, including running CT, nuclear medicine and interventional departments. He has been a radiology manager for nearly 20 years, so he appreciates the challenges in leading imaging in senior positions. He currently works on national imaging workforce and education in Wales and has recently been involved in imaging essential services, both maintenance of services and recovery during the Covid pandemic.

Chris has a few key messages:

  • Radiographers are the largest workforce in imaging and therapy.
  • Radiographers and the SCoR look after people.
  • Radiographers can do anything with training and governance in place.
  • Be one of the radiographers who helped and supported you – aspire to be one of the inspirational.