Bayer: Science for a Better Life 

At Bayer, we know that a step-change in design and deliveryis needed to meet the challenge of providing sustainable healthcare, now and into the future. 

The burden of managing cardiovascular risk has rightly been identified as one of the key healthcare challenges that will need to be addressed over the coming decades. 

Bayer has a proven heritage in this area. We not only create innovative medicines, but also work in partnership across a dynamic healthcare environment to design and most importantly implement new models of care for patients. 

For more than 150 years, Bayer has been researching and developing life-changing medications and innovative therapeutic approaches that help improve people’s lives, not only in cardiovascular disease, but also oncology, women’s health and ophthalmology. 

The solutions we create together in healthcare today will help advance life and build a brighter future tomorrow. 

Wilmington/ HSJ are pleased to have worked with Bayer on the development of the agenda. Bayer has provided funding for this meeting and is sponsoring presentations clearly outlined in the programme.  

RP-OTH-GB-1062 | February 2021